Jesús Limón | #120 05/29/2024

As an orphan from Mexico, Jesús Limón literally started with nothing, but through decades of hard work, he built his own orchard in Quincy, Washington. Despite all he's overcome, Jesús is now deeply troubled about the future of family farming in WA, and he shares why he fears for the future of our food system.


Nora Doelman | #119 03/21/2024

"I don't know what the future of this farm is." Nora Doelman is very up front when she talks about how hard it is to keep a family farm going in western Washington. See her and her family's dairy in beautiful Elma, WA on this all-new episode, and learn more about why it's an ongoing struggle to save family farming here in the Evergreen State.


Small Farmer Jessica Jager On Stereotypes & Appearances 09/25/2023

Small Farmer Jess Jager of Your Friends Farm shares a story of getting judged—and dismissed—as a farmer, based on her appearance. She and host Dillon Honcoop tackle the thorny issues of sexism, stereotyping and judging by appearances that more farmers face than you might expect.


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