Ivan Sultan | #104 08/03/2022

Ever heard of black garlic? Food entrepreneur Ivan Sultan has all the details on it, as well as the unique Columbia Bar energy bars he's created. He shares deep insights from a lifelong journey that's taken him to nearly every corner of the food system.


Jack Mallonee | #103 07/26/2022

Sustainability is everything to Jack Mallonee's family's small organic dairy in Curtis, WA. Hear how they combine four generations' worth of farming knowledge with cutting-edge technology to steward the land while producing quality milk.


Gerrit Van Weerdhuizen | #102 07/14/2022

Gerrit Van Weerdhuizen has a passion for educating students about farming, and has mentored countless people interested in growing food and supporting the food system. Known to his students as "Mr. Van," he's also a beef farmer himself, and we visited his farm near Everson, WA to hear his insights into food, farming and education.


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