Rebecca Schmidt | #069 08/02/2021

The science that keeps damaging bugs out of our food and out of the fields is pretty amazing! Meet entomologist, AKA 'bug scientist' Rebecca Schmidt who works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's research facility in Wapato, WA, to learn about the creepy crawlies we don't want in our food, and how she's working to stop them in a sustainable way.


Jagwinder Gill | #068 07/26/2021

Jagwinder Singh Gill is passionate about growing blueberries and stewarding the environment on and around his new farm near Everson, WA. But he fears what could happen to his farm with lawsuits and government action on water management that doesn't take into account protecting local food production as well as streams and fish.


Madison McPherson | #067 07/20/2021

"It's almost like the Ninja Warrior, you know, you're trying to go through just to see if you can make it to the end," Madison McPherson says of the challenges family farmers in WA face right now. The Chelan-area cherry and apple orchardist shares why she's worried that more and more family farms will soon be gone for good if things don't change.


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