Small Farmer Jessica Jager On Stereotypes & Appearances 09/25/2023

Small Farmer Jess Jager of Your Friends Farm shares a story of getting judged—and dismissed—as a farmer, based on her appearance. She and host Dillon Honcoop tackle the thorny issues of sexism, stereotyping and judging by appearances that more farmers face than you might expect.


Nicole Derting | #118 09/20/2023

"There's just a massive disconnect." But Nicole Derting of Post 5 Cattle Co. wants to reconnect local communities with locally-grown food, and with how she runs her ranch and sells her beef, she's putting her money where her mouth is. In this episode, Nicole explains so miuch about how beef is raised here in WA, and shares so much wisdom about the state of the food system, and why she's so passionate about bringing change.


Norma Ruiz | #117 08/09/2023

Despite having no background in dairy farming, Norma Ruiz had the courage to take over a Bow, Washington creamery and dairy, learning as she went. We visit the farm and learn how she raises cows, producing milk to make artisanal cheeses at Golden Glen Creamery, just a stone's throw from shores of Puget Sound.


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