Shelli DeJager | #114 12/15/2022

A battle with stage 4 cancer and a dangerous flood could have ended their farm, but Shelli DeJager and her husband Pete have managed to keep their small family dairy near Everson, WA alive. Hear Shelli recount the dramatic details of survival, and find out why her children won't be able to keep the farm despite their desire to continue the family's farming legacy.


Pete Charriere | #113 11/28/2022

Despite his passion from a young age for raising cattle, becoming a full-time rancher didn't seem to be in the cards for Pete Charriere. Hear what changed to make that dream a reality for Pete, and why he remains so passionate about raising top-quality beef in Pomeroy, Washington.


Steve Seymour | #112 10/19/2022

After a career as a fish biologist around the Pacific Northwest, Steve Seymour helped reinvigorate Drayton Harbor Oyster Company in Blaine, Washington. Steve shares the story of making the oyster farm a regional destination, as well as the challenges of growing oysters and the incredible benefits they offer.


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