Mieschia Wilson | #094 05/04/2022

More and more people are disconnected from how their food is grown, and farmsteader Mieschia Wilson says one of the consequences is that people are lashing out at farmers. Hear how she's personally been targeted, and what she's trying to do at Next Generation Farmstead to reconnect people with where their food comes from.


Andrew Albert | #093 04/26/2022

Growing local beef and crops not far from Seattle, Andrew Albert knows he's part of a dying breed. But he doesn't think it should be that way. Hear directly from this 3rd-generation farmer about the long list of pressures pushing more and more family farms out of business, and find out the real reason he keeps farming in spite of the stress.


Lindsey Van Dyken | #092 04/13/2022

Once known as the "forbidden fruit," black currants have storied past here in the US, and Lindsey Van Dyken's family has been growing them since they were legalized in Washington less than 20 years ago. Hear Lindsey's story and the challenges her family farm has faced in growing the niche crop and other berries for a growing crowd of loyal customers.


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