Why I’m starting the Real Food Real People Podcast 12/15/2019

Welcome to the Real Food, Real People podcast. Where do you start with something like this?

I’m setting out to have genuine conversations to try to create a connection.

I want to make the people who grow food here in the Pacific Northwest real to everybody who eats their delicious products every day, but doesn’t get the chance to know what really goes on with growing them.

I want to show what the farmers are really like, and how amazing this community that I got to grow up in really is.

My name is Dillon Honcoop. I grew up on a family farm in Lynden, Washington, and after over a decade working in a job in media, I’ve come back to my local farming community, and I want to share its stories with you.

So, where to start? I personally know so many great people with incredible stories, but I wanted to start with someone I don’t really know, with a fascinating story that I barely knew about… so you and I can set off on this journey of connecting with real Washington farming together.

I interviewed Chris Doelman, a young dairy farmer from the Olympia, Washington area with an incredible story of how he came back to his roots.

Chris opened up about how he hadn’t wanted to be a farmer, but some dramatic life changes took him from leading a tech company’s operations in Vietnam back to his family’s farm.

Despite describing the deep loss and fear he faced, Chris’ story is one of hope and inspiration that finding purpose in life may not be as far away as we think.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did, and welcome you to subscribe below to the Real Food Real People Podcast to continue on this journey of discovery with me each week.